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Ten uses of agarwood Incense

Many people have heard of Agarwood, but not many people really understand it. Some people say that it is a very valuable wood, which can be used to make bracelets or various crafts, and some people say that it is a Chinese medicinal material. For the treatment of various diseases, what are the uses of Agarwood?
Super Hit Incense Cones
The Super Hit Incense Cones smell of agarwood after heating is the most authentic, which is sometimes very different from the Fragrance at room temperature, but most of the agarwood can only be smelled at room temperature when buying agarwood, so it will be more Judging by feelings, don't blindly decide on agarwood with a very strong or very light fragrance at first smell, and repeat the fine interval of several times to help understand the true charm of agarwood.

Agarwood, as the head of incense and the treasure of medicine, has a variety of functions and uses:

Incense: As the best agarwood, it can be used for incense and incense. Generally, the agarwood used in incense activities is all superior or agarwood, and the middle-higher agarwood material can be used for It is used for daily smoking or decoction in an electronic incense burner.

Incense making: Agarwood entry-level friends may choose the Incense stick, and Incense Sticks are the most common way of burning incense. They are generally suitable for self-cultivation such as temple meditation. Agarwood is the most common offering instrument. In addition to the accident of offering sincerity to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, it also has the effects of resolving filth, dispelling insects, avoiding evil, and mindfulness clearing the mind, especially its soft and sweet taste, which is conducive to calming the mind It can also help you to enter your mind, and is most suitable for meditation practitioners.

Fragrant drink: The method of making agarwood fragrant drink is handed down from the Song Dynasty. Take the medium-to-high agarwood material (the agarwood of the Huian system is preferred), wash it off, or cast it in a pot and boil it with boiling water, or It is soaked in warm water, the resulting water tastes sweet and delicate, and the lips and teeth remain fragrant after drinking. It has the effects of conditioning organs, replenishing qi and so on. In addition, Aquilaria can be soaked with various flowers and teas to increase the taste of soup and health.

Sachet: The prepared agarwood sachet has two effects: China has been accustomed to admiring incense since ancient times. Sui wears agarwood incense. Not only can it expel the body odor, the fragrance it emits, it can also calm the nerves, for relief. Mental stress and improving sleep quality have a high effect. The sachet can be worn on the body or placed in a car or beside the pillow.

Medicine: Agarwood is also a precious traditional Chinese medicine in China. It has mild medicinal properties and can be compatible with any herbal medicine without rushing. It has a good conditioning effect and has been recorded in many ancient medical books. The digestive system, respiratory system, nervous system and other aspects have very good effects.

Refining essential oils: The essence in sinking and crushed wood can be distilled and refined into agarwood Essential Oil, also known as scented incense, which can be used directly for Buddha, or applied to a ritual rosary to maintain it, or to the body of a practitioner Cleanse the mind. The taste is fresh and unique, and has the effect of medical care. It is a medicine for fragrant and tranquilizing. It is calm and condensed. It lasts for a long time and is refreshing.

Offering Buddha: In Buddhism, agarwood is a sacred offering, and it is the highest offering offering. Buddhist believers can use agarwood Essential oil to clean and illuminate the buddha utensils, or use agarwood to make buddha beads and other ritual tools. The buddha utensils made with agarwood at the time of entry can help you enter the state faster.

Improve feng shui: In Taoism, agarwood is also a very sacred thing, and studies have shown that agarwood has a stronger magnetic field than the king of crystals-titanium crystal, which has a very strong effect on improving the environment of feng shui. Therefore, placing agarwood in your home or office will help your home to flourish and your career will be prosperous.

Making wenwan utensils: the wenwan utensils made from the best agarwood can be worn, played, and watched. The fragrance they emit can be beneficial to the body, and the long-term playing can revitalize the blood vessels, and has a high viewing value. The symbol of wealth taste can also decorate the interior to add elegance.

Collecting and investing: Agarwood takes hundreds of years to form incense, which is bound to be precious, and the top grade among them is a treasure that is hard to find in the world, and it has an immortal body. Its rarity makes it extremely valuable for investment and appreciation at any time.

Only when you calm down and do things calmly can you find the fun. Too impetuous, too utilitarian, and the interest in the process is lost a lot. Little by little accumulation, little by little progress, can often get little happiness, and often have unexpected surprises.

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